Active Measures

Активные Мероприятия | Aktivnyye Meropriyatiya: Agent-operational measures aimed at exerting useful influence on aspects of the political life of a target country which are of interest, its foreign policy, the solution of international problems, misleading the adversary, undermining and weakening his positions, the disruption of his hostile plans, and the achievement of other aims. (Mitrokhin, Vasili (2013-01-11). KGB Lexicon: The Soviet Intelligence Officers Handbook (p. 13). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.)

Off to the Races 19 Feb to 25 Feb

Published: 2019 February 25

This is a brief follow-up to a previous entry. Mentions of candidates were down markedly for the period, in part due to one particularly prolific pro-Kremlin persona leaving official Kremlin media for freelance(?) for for Greyzone and Mint Press (to name two). Only three candidates are mention, Klobuchar once (and negatively), Gabbard once (positive or neutral), and Sanders 17 times. Of the Sanders mentions, 6 were negative (and entirely focused on Venezuela), while 11 were positive or neutral. Also, the Sanders mentions started out generally positive or neutral but turned more negative as we moved through the 6 day period. The positive or neutral tweets include content attacking Democrats for perceived hostility towards Sanders, including a retweet of Wikileaks dredging up stolen emails from 2016. As for what these folks are talking about if not US presidential candidates, it's Venezuela (with 178 mentions out of 1,993 tweets for the period). Again, see the previous entry for more about what I'm looking at here, how, and why.

Accounts, Mentions, and Roles/Types

Account Mentions of Candidates Affiliation/Type
ccooke_rt 3 Producer @underground_rt
_chrismaguire 2 RT, Media persona
lizziephelan 2 Operator of Ruptly-funded @redfishstream
oksanaboyko_rt 2 RT, Media persona
afshinrattansi 1 RT, Media persona
boombustrt 1 RT program
dancohen3000 1 RT, Media persona
igorzhdanovrt 1 RT, Media persona
laurietimmers 1 Sputnik UK, Media persona
maxkeiser 1 RT, Media persona
RT_com 1 RT
shottlandka 1 Executive Producer at Sputnik UK
therealjfod 1 RT, Media persona
underground_rt 1 RT UK program

Tweet URLs

All Tweet URLs Retweet Amplified Tweet URLs YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES