Active Measures

Активные Мероприятия | Aktivnyye Meropriyatiya: Agent-operational measures aimed at exerting useful influence on aspects of the political life of a target country which are of interest, its foreign policy, the solution of international problems, misleading the adversary, undermining and weakening his positions, the disruption of his hostile plans, and the achievement of other aims. (Mitrokhin, Vasili (2013-01-11). KGB Lexicon: The Soviet Intelligence Officers Handbook (p. 13). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.)

Milieux of Manuel Ochsenreiter

Published: 2019 January 15

In February of 2018 arsonists struck a Hungarian community organization in western Ukraine. Meant to exacerbate tensions within Ukraine between Ukrainians and ethnic Hungarians, and between Ukraine and Hungary itself, the attack was quickly discovered to be the work of Polish fascists associated with the Falange organization.

From left to right: Falange leader Bekier, accused Russian agent Piskorski, currently jailed in Poland, Ochsenreiter, and Ochsenreiter's agent Prokopowicz.

The perpetrators, Tomasz Rafal Szymkowiak, Michal Prokopowicz, and Adrian Marglewski are currently on trial in Krakow, Poland. Testifying in open court, Prokopowicz claims the action was undertaken under the direction of, and in return for payment from, pro-Kremlin journalist and current Bundestag aide to far right AfD party politician Markus Frohnmaier. Both RFE/RL and DW have reported on the revelations, and from DW I note the following details:

"One of the accused, named only as Michal P., told the court that the attack, in which Molotov cocktails were used, was ordered by Manuel Ochsenreiter, who works in the office of AfD Bundestag member Markus Frohnmaier.

Michal, who is also charged with funding a terrorist organization, told the Krakow court that Ochsenreiter gave him €1,500, plus money for a plane ticket, to find people to carry out the attack.

Michal told the court that he had received €500 in advance, hidden in a book sent by post, and €1,000 handed over in person by Ochsenreiter at Berlin-Tegel Airport. He testified that he and Ochsenreiter had communicated in English via the messaging app Telegram, and that he later sent the AfD worker videos of the attack on the app.""

The objective of this article is to place Ochsenreiter in his milieux based on openly observable relationships on Facebook (either 'friends' or 'likers'). Events such as these are a reflection of the social relationships of the perpetrators, instigators, organizers and paymasters involved. Russian intelligence officers involved in this operation may remain in the shadows, but they are likely directly tied to one or more of the people seen in the network here. And as for the network here, from its density we can be reasonably confident that most of these people know each other in real life or are at least well-enough acquainted with each other that if the need arose, they could work together to accomplish a given task. Here is the network, note that where each member of the network is discussed you can click a 'View Subnet' link that will open a view of the chart highlighting just that person, their associates, and the ties between them and their associates.

Ochsenreiter's social circle

Ochsenreiter vehemently denies the accusations, but there is no doubt whatsoever that he knows the people directly involved. Association, motivation, and opportunity are all present here. As a final note, the travel of Falange activists to the Youth Conference that occurred in Sochi, Russia, in 2017, is likely related to these events. Both Bartosz Bekier, leader of the Falange, and defendant Tomasz Rafal Szymkowiak, are confirmed to have attended, and their attendance would have made them available for assessment, compromise, and/or recruitment by Russian intelligence services.

Polish Falangists at 2017 Youth Conference in Sochi. Falange leader Bekier (tall guy, center) with accused arsonist Szymkowiak (neckbeard, left of Bekier)

Xportal website


Publication of fascist Polish Falange organization headed by Bartosz Bekier. Bekier and other Falange activists attended the Youth Conference in Sochi in 2017, something Russian intelligence officers are sure to have taken advantage of. View Subnet

Mercouris 'about' page at Sputnik

Alexander Mercouris

No longer allowed to practice law, Mercouris is a UK-based commentator on Kremlin media outlets and among the founders of the alt-media outlet The Duran. View Subnet

Mezentsev (r) with Beam, somewhere on the road

Alexander Mezentsev

Currently an activist in the far right AfD party of Germany, Mezentsev is of uncertain nationality. Notable for his friendship in real life with American far right activist Louis Beam, whose theory of "leaderless resistance" has inspired a couple of generations of rightwing terrorists. Mezentsev is well-connected to people in, and travels to, Russia. View Subnet

Dugin, 2nd from right, in costume/character with friends

Alexandr Dugin

Founder of the Eurasian movement, supported by the Kremlin, proponent of a syncretic political philosophy that enables him to successfully attract into the Kremlin's orbit Western activists on the far right and far left. View Subnet

Within red circle, Kochetkov is seen on left, Israel Shamir on right

Alexey Kochetkov

Head of nominally independent NGOs "CIS-EMO" and "Public Diplomacy," Kochetkov has been providing cover for Kremlin-sponsored subversion in countries bordering Russia, from Abkhazia and South Ossetia to Ukraine and Moldova. Like many Russians engaged in such activities, Kochetkov participated on the losing side of the 1993 Constitutional Crisis. View Subnet

Kovalenko speaking at a Rossotrudnichestvo event (Rossotrudnichestvo is a RU government agency operated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Andrew Kovalenko

Associate of American alt-right activist Richard Spencer and a leader of Dugin's Eurasian movement. Appears to serve in a kind of liaison capacity with non-Russian extremists. View Subnet

Tatarinov, front and center, among friends

Andrey Tatarinov

Long-time United Russia party activist and formerly a leader of the party's Young Russia organization, Tatarinov has floated between government work, NGO's, and the party. More Putinist than Duginist. Involved in street violence targeting opponents of the Putin regime as well as subversion in places such as South Ossetia. View Subnet

Bekier, right, with Ochsenreiter

Bartosz Bekier

Leader of the fascist Falange organization in Poland. Notable for, among other things, a certain affinity for Lebanese Hizballah. Bekier led the Falange contingent to the 2017 Youth Conference in Sochi, where he spoke at at least a couple of meetings. View Subnet

D'Amico with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

Claudio D'Amico

A leader of the Italian Lega party. Heavily involved in fashioning the Lega's foreign policy and developing close ties with the Russian government. View Subnet

Andreeva in Kyrgizstan

Darya Andreeva

A journalist from Russia's far east who works for RT. View Subnet

Trifkovic in Congo, quite recently.

Dragana Trifkovic

Pro-Kremlin Serbian think tanker. View Subnet

Biryukov (l) with Victor Olevich.

Fyedor Biryukov

A leader of the Rodina party and heavily involved in the party's outreach efforts and building partnerships with pro-Kremlin political parties in Europe. Biryukov also now operates his own NGO, Институт Свободы / Institute of Freedom / Institut Svobody. View Subnet

Shamir (l) with friend and colleague Julian Assange

Israel Shamir

Convert to Russian Orthodoxy, prominent Duginist, rabid anti-Semite, among other things, Shamir is often described as either the Belarus KGB's man in Wikileaks, or Wikileaks' man in the Belarus KGB. He is a trusted associate of Julian Assange. View Subnet

Flores (l) with associate Tesa Tesanovic (c)

Joaquin Flores

An American expat living for some years now in Belgrade, Serbia, Flores was once a leftwing, Chicanx, and labor activist. Now a committed Duginist and director of the Center for Syncretic Studies, Flores is known to have been involved in funneling money to the creators of content for pro-Kremlin alt-media operations, and is well-connected to leaders of the European far-right and monarchist movements. View Subnet

Arnold (l) with Dugin, in Amsterdam

Jafe Arnold

AKA Jarek Arnoldski, American expat currently attending grad school in Amsterdam, having received a Bachelor's degree in Poland. A former Communist Party USA activist turned Duginist, Arnold specializes in translating the works of Dugin and is associated with the Center for Syncretic Studies run by Joaquin Flores in Belgrade. View Subnet

Godwyn (l) with Beeley (c) at a Kremlin-linked NGO in Paris.

Marcus Godwyn

British musician and writer who has lived in Russia for years (appears to be married to a Russian woman, has grown child or children). Prominent writer of content for pro-Kremlin outlets (e.g. Oriental Review). Actively engaged in current work of Vanessa Beeley targeting the humanitarian White Helmets organization. View Subnet

Frohnmaier (c) with accused Russian spy Piskorski (l).

Markus Frohnmaier

AfD party member of the German parliament and employer of Manuel Ochsenreiter. View Subnet

Tyurkenov speaking at an event sponsored by Regnum NA

Mikhail Tyurenkov

Editor in Chief at "On The Orthodox side" at TV channel Tsargrad; Former Head of the Department of Reference at the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. View Subnet

Richardson, having left Facebook, can be found now on VK

Ollie Richardson

Alt-media journalist who mostly translates Russian-language anti-Ukraine propaganda. Sometimes described as a Paris-based geopolitical analyst. View Subnet


Tomasz Rafal Szymkowiak

Among those accused of fire-bombing a Hungarian organization's offices in Western Ukraine (which has a large ethnic Hungarian population) at the instruction of pro-Kremlin journalist and German parliamentary aide Manuel Ochsenreiter. Szymkowiak attended the Youth Conference in Sochi together with Bekier and other Falange activists. View Subnet

Korovin (c) officiating at a Dec. 2018 meeting of the Izborsky Club.

Valeriy Korovin

Member of the Public Council of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for North Caucasus Affairs. Previously: Deputy Head of the International Eurasian Movement; Director at the Center for Geopolitical Expertise; Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation; Founder at Eurasian Union of Youth. View Subnet

Olevich making an appearance on the Ministry of Defence 'Zvezda' TV channel.

Victor Olevich

Lead Expert at the Center for Policy Relevance a/k/a the Actual Policy Center ( whose Director is Andrey Tatarinov. US educated. View Subnet