Active Measures

Активные Мероприятия | Aktivnyye Meropriyatiya: Agent-operational measures aimed at exerting useful influence on aspects of the political life of a target country which are of interest, its foreign policy, the solution of international problems, misleading the adversary, undermining and weakening his positions, the disruption of his hostile plans, and the achievement of other aims. (Mitrokhin, Vasili (2013-01-11). KGB Lexicon: The Soviet Intelligence Officers Handbook (p. 13). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.)

IPROG, Delyagin, GRU, and Friends

Published: 2018 October 08


Think tanks, think tanks everywhere (but wherever does the money for them come from (or go to)?). The world of Kremlin-supporting Muscovites involved time and again in active measures is littered with think tanks large and sometimes very small. Recently I happened upon this photo of Mikhail Delyagin, chilling out aboard the yacht 'Constellation' in the Bay of Kotor (Montenegro). This is an overview of Delyagin's milieux.

Delyagin is the founder of IPROG, the Institute for Globalization Studies and Social Movements. He served as Director in the early 2000's before taking a post in the Kremlin, and has recently returned to IPROG as Director. In the intervening period day-to-day operations of IPROG were handled by Boris Kagarlitsky. IPROG no longer has a website of its own - Delyagin posts information and updates to one of his personal sites instead - and if I haven't made it entirely clear what exactly IPROG *does* that's because it's not entirely clear, though signs point to pro-Kremlin agitation and outreach focusing mostly on far left supporters of the Kremlin. Most interesting, perhaps - and also perhaps pointing to where the funding for IPROG originates - is the NGO's providing cover for two alleged GRU officers. These GRU officers, in turn, are (or were, one is dead) alleged to be involved in narcotics trafficking - first heroin out of Afghanistan, and then cocaine out of Colombia. Their names are Vladimir Filin and Anton Surikov (deceased). Another name that comes up in relation to Delyagin, Filin, and Surikov is an LLC called "Far West", nominally based in Lausanne, Switzerland (and likely now shuttered). Parts of their story, real or imagined, have been incorporated into 9/11 and/or Iraq War conspiracy theories. That said, there is enough reputable reporting out there to suggest a bit of truth will be found amidst the more lurid allegations. Here are a couple of items for further reading:

Of course that was then. I'm sure now everything is totally on the level, above board, as legit as any organization in Moscow (or Saint Petersburg for that matter). Here now is Delyagin's publicly observable social network. Below the network chart a brief description follows of each member, along with a link ("View Network") to a chart that highlights just that particular person's connections within the network. Darker color and larger size both represent degree of connectedness within Delyagin's network. At the bottom of this page you will find a table of the network members with their connectedness score representing degree of links to the larger population of active measures cadre and related persons that I study (n < 600 at the moment). For comparison's sake, see recent posts on this site regarding the social ties of accused Russian spy Maria Butina (whose own social network overlaps pretty significantly with that of Delyagin).

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Stanojevic, Dragan

Serbian and pan-Slavic nationalist and pro-Kremlin activist. Known to be close to the Russian embassy in Belgrade and tied socially to, among others, people involved in organizing the attempted coup in Montenegro.

Stanojevic (r) with Dugin

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Ryleev, Alexey

Advisor to the Chairman of Rodina Party and CEO of Rodina's Congress of Russian Communities organization.

Ryleev's page at the Rodina Party site

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Tyurenkov, Mikhail

Editor in Chief at "On The Orthodox Side" at TV channel Tsargrad; Former Head of the Department of Reference at the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Note the Regnum sign behind him

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Korovin, Valeriy

Member of the Public Council of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for North Caucasus Affairs. Previously: Deputy Head of the International Eurasian Movement; Director at the Center for Geopolitical Expertise; Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation; Founder at Eurasian Union of Youth.

Korovin (l) in Crimea

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Shamir, Israel

Wikileaks man in Belarus. See also: Julian Assange And His Trusted Friend Israel Shamir and Active Measures Cadre Seen Through The Lens of Israel Shamir and Maria Butina's Social Network(s)

Shamir (r) with Olevich

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Kots, Aleksandr

Conflict journalist with demonstrably close ties to the Russian Ministry of Defense and thus also GRU.

Kots (r) with RU pilot in Syria

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Fefelov, Andrey

CEO of Zvatra Media Co. (Главный начальник at День-ТВ. Официальная страница, Генеральный директор at Завтра and Зам.главного at Газета "Завтра").

Fefelov X Four

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Biryukov, Fyedor

A leader of the Rodina Party (currently head of the Information and Political Department, and a member of the politburo), Biryukov also operates the NGO Институт Свободы (Institute of Freedom). Ties to Rodina are a common biographical feature of people involved in Kremlin active measures campaigns, both inside and outside Russia. Biryukov in particular has been involved in cementing ties between Rodina - and by extension, the Kremlin - and pro-Moscow political parties in the West.

Biryukov (l) with Olevich

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Dubovoy, Gennadiy

Dubovoy is a GRU asset working as a conflict journalist in Donbas.

Don't blame the dog!

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Dzhigalov, Dmitriy

Anticorruption Bureau of the Republic of Crimea, head of the regional branch of the Union of the Paratroopers of Crimea. Currently appealing a conviction for online extremism(?).

Dzhigalov (r) with a dead guy

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Ostashko, Ruslan

Editor of pro-Kremlin publication Prone to brawling. Provocateur, propagandist whose works are (re)printed by such illustrious outlets as The Saker, Russia-Insider, Fort-Russ. Referred by Marika Korotaeva.

For fun, tell Ruslan his family were fascists in the war

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Chelnokov, Alex

Columnist at the newspaper "Top Secret"; Deputy Editor-in-Chief at FLB Journalistic Agency; Former Correspondent at Izvestia. Focuses on Soviet history with emphasis on security services.

Why are the wingnuts always named 'Alex'

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Mamontov, Vladimir

CEO at Govorit Moskva (radio station) and Fund Razumnyy Internet. Also writes for Komsomolskaya Pravda. Formerly head of Izvestiya, back when that was still a thing. Described by RT in 2010 as "Vladimir Mamontov, the president at “Izvestiya”, Russia’s oldest and biggest federation-wide newspaper" (src)

Mamontov is a survivor

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Bondarenko, Oleg

Agent of influence. Does business as Director of the Progressive Policy Institute. Involved in - for example - running interference for and otherwise whitewashing Russia's military adventures in eastern Ukraine.

Bondarenko (r) with Biryukov

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Shargunov, Sergei

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation (Communist Party); Editor in Chief at Free Press/Svobodnaya Pressa. Commentator on Kommersant-FM and Finam-FM radio stations; winner of the Debut Independent Award and the Moscow State Prize in Literature and Art, Italian award Arcobaleno and twice finalist of the National Bestseller Award. Author of eight books. His novels are translated into Italian, English and French languages. Previous positions: Member, State Duma Commission investigating events of the fall of 1993; special correspondent, Investigations Department, Novaya Gazeta (2002–2003). (src) According to his RU Wikipedia entry (thought to have been self-written): Father (Alexander) is an ROC priest who speaks five languages. As a war correspondent, he [Shargunov] was in a combat zone in South Ossetia in 2008, in Syria in 2016, and many times in Donbas. He has at times worked with or otherwise been associated with Rodina Party, but had a falling out and wound up back with the Communists.

Shargunov (l) with a dead guy

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Andrey, Shevchenko

Communist Party activist(?), possibly involved in fighting, or in supporting fighters, in Donbas. Novosibirsk.

Shevchenko (r)

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Zhuravlev, Aleksei

Chairman of Rodina Party and member of Duma.

Zhuravlev (r) with a dead guy

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Mihailovskaia, Anastasia

Journalist at "Zavtra", and "Svobodnaya Pressa." Also works in the Economic Department of the Anti-Terror Alpha Veterans Association, under which guise she appears to be involved in running supplies to Russians fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Mihailovskaia (l) with another humanitarian

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Storchak, Yuri

President at Global Media Group

I have no idea. Storchak on left.

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Dugin, Alexandr

Leader of pro-Kremlin Eurasian movement, proponent of syncretism, Putin's goodwill ambassador to far left and far right activists globally.

Dugin (c) on a panel in Turkey

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Moshkin, Mikhail

Deputy Editor of the politics department at VZGLYAD.RU. Former Correspondent at Moscow News.

Moshkin, perhaps twice. At least once. On left.

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Iryschkow, Andrey

Eurasian activist close to Dugin. Proponent of a rather kinky variation of traditionalism.

Iryschkow (r) with Dugin (2nd from r) and Mihailovskaia

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Guintovt, Alexey

Eurasian activist, close to Dugin and especially Iryschkow. His bio on his self-managed Facebook fan page: "Alexey Belyaev-Gintovt (b. 1965, Moscow) is a contemporary Russian artist. He is winner of Kandinsky Prize" for 2008 in the category "Project of the Year". Gintovt adheres to the ideological views of the imperial vanguard and left-eurasionism."

L-R: Guintovt, Bel, Phillips, Chalenko, Marmazov

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Kazakov, Aleksandr

Advisor to the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Zakharchenko. With the latter's demise Kazakov is repeating the party line that Zakharchenko's assassination was the work of Ukraine. Director at the Center for Liberal-Conservative Politics. P.Stolypin and P.Struve. Worked at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Former expert consultant at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. Studied at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Went to Riga Music School. This description of Kazakov based on stolen/leaked emails is quite good: "Another adviser to the Donetsk information ministry is a person who calls himself "Kosake," or Cossack. The minister consulted with him to discuss the public portrayal of separatist leader Zakharchenko. The "Cossack's" digital trail leads to the name Alexander Kazakov. The Russian online newspaper calls Mr. Kazakov an "ideological curator" whose job is to improve the rebel leader's image. In interviews, Mr. Kazakov describes himself as a political scientist and representative of various Russian think tanks. Eastern Ukrainian propaganda station Newsfront introduced him in 2015 as the deputy director of the Center for the Political Economy (ZPK). This coincides with information from the Russian official newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, which also lists Mr. Kazakov as a deputy director of the ZPK. The consulting firm has its offices in a modern office tower in downtown Moscow. On its website, the ZPK boasts about its "collaboration with the presidential administration," abbreviated as AP. The AP is a well-known and powerful institution in Russia, Moscow's counterpart to the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, but with more clout. It is President Putin's power center." (src)

Kazakov (r) on a panel with Torshin (c)

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Shevtsov, Yury

Belorussian Eurasianist. Member of the Research and Expert Council at the Eurasian economic commission (EEC) and an analyst at the Center for Political Analysis and Strategic Research at the ruling Nur Otan party in Kazakhstan. He also works as an Associate Professor at the Belarusian State University, the Department of Oriental Linguistics and Country Studies. In the past, he frequently worked in the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union. In 2015, Mr. Shevtsov was given an award of ‘The Man of the Future’ by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.(src)

Shevtsov (c) and a flight of stairs

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Linter, Dmitri

Advisor to the Executive Director at the Russian Military Historical Society. RIPO. Also associated with, makes appearance on RU military TV channel Zvezda. Born in Tallinn, Estonia, Linter was involved in pro-Russia subversion culminating in riots in 2007. Subsequently relocated to Russia, and involved in Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

Linter (l), Biryukov (r)

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Nazarov, Dimitry

Stavrophore Econonomus (Monk Treasurer) at Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. From Simferopol, Crimea.

Remember: ROC is FSB (formerly was KGB)

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Mikhailova, Larisa

Director of the Foundation for the Promotion of Russian Culture in Russia and abroad "Dialogue in Russian" (Dialog na Russ). From the Fundation's About Us page: "The Foundation for the Promotion of Russian Culture in Russia and Abroad “Dialogue in Russian” was established on February 28, 2011. Its main task its organizers set the preservation, development, dissemination and popularization of the Russian language, Russian literature and Russian spiritual values. During its existence, the Foundation has implemented a number of projects in Russia, including in the new constituent entities of the Russian Federation - the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol." (src)

Mikhailova (c) with two nice boys

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Litvin, Sergey

GRU paramilitary involved in the initial Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine who went on to become the Agriculture Minister of the puppet Lughansk Peoples Republic. Died of a suspicious 'heart attack' in December of 2016. Reputed to be involved in smuggling among other criminal activities.

Deceased. Heart attack. Because of course.

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Kalashnikov, Maksim

Ultra-nationalist Dela Party activist, real name Vladimir Alexandrovich Kucherenko. Also a neo-Stalinist.

In center, red shirt.

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Darvai, Vladislav

Circa 2014-2015 he was the Russian Trade Representative in Moldova. Unclear what happened to him after that. Still active on FB. Also runs the official FB group/community of Russian Federation Trade Missions (See

Trade Rep. is often used as cover for intelligence officers. Just saying.

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Aleksandrov, Sergey

Associated with Tsargrad TV.

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Remizov, Mikhail

Chair, Expert Council of the Military–Industrial Commission Board; member of the Russian Government Expert Council; President of the National Strategy Institute; Member of the Government Commission on Arctic Development Affairs; Member of the Board of the World Russian People’s Council. Scientific research and interests: history of political ideologies (conservatism and neo-conservatism), economic development theories, theory of state (sovereignty category research) and nationalism studies.(src)

Remizov likes to sit at long tables

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Schepin, Aleksandr


Man of mystery. Or something.

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Keller, Svetlana

AKA Svetlana Konev AKA Svetlana Platova. VP of the Russian Cultural Center, Zurich. Head of the Association of Journalists and Media Outside Russia and member of the International Committee of the Immortal Regiment (Ассоциации журналистов и СМИ зарубежья, член Международного Комитета «Бессмертного Полка»). (,

Stuff happens in Zurich, and Svetlana is there.

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Trifkovic, Dragana

Director General at Center for Geostrategic Studies, Belgrade.

Oh my...

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Stepanov, Anatoliy

Orthodox publicist, editor-in-chief of the portal "Russian People's Line" («Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya»)


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