Modest Kolerov & Co.
2016 September 06
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This network builds off of that of Aleksandr Kornilov. Mr. Kornilov was chosen for a high-profile/high-risk role in a Kremlin active measures op, setting up an NGO that ran the Estonian site of the Kremlin's BaltNews outfit. At a minimum Kornilov's network is a reflection upon Kornilov himself, and vice versa. As noted previously, Kornilov's network includes some very well-placed and/or high-ranking people with solid links to the Kremlin. The network presented here was based upon four such friends of Kornilov: Modest Kolerov, Vladimir Lepekhin, Elena Konkova, and Svetlana Keller. Kolerov floats in and out of the Kremlin, and is likely the point man for the Kremlin's active measures targeting the Baltics; Lepekhin is Директор at Институт ЕврAзЭС/Director at Institute of Eurasian Economic Community, and was fingered by Estonian intelligence as the person behind Kornilov; Konkova and Keller are more enigmatic, with the former appearing in photos with Kornilov, and also having a relationship with the Night Wolves gang, while Keller is associated with the Russian Consulate in Zurich.

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