Further adventures of Putin's man in Tallinn
2016 September 05
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Recall the poor unfortunate Aleksandr Kornilov, and his social network of some renown.

Having been released from police custody he promptly left Tallinn for Moscow, where he and his handlers were to sure to have something to talk about. He closed his totally legitimate news site, said it was for maintenance.

Out of jail and off to Moscow for debriefing pic.twitter.com/olEgZUbUMS

— (((aweisburd))) (@webradius) September 5, 2016

There was even a conference, and a seat at the table just for Aleksandr.

It's good to have friends in Moscow, and a conference to provide a plausible cover story. pic.twitter.com/H24C5J3dH7

— (((aweisburd))) (@webradius) September 5, 2016

All was well, but then person or persons unknown apparently sent out some unspeakable video in Kornilov's name. How does one say "We own you, motherf*cker" in Estonian?

Followed by that awkward moment when you discover an adversary was well-placed to take advantage of the situation. pic.twitter.com/VJ1AT571KU

— (((aweisburd))) (@webradius) September 5, 2016

Inquiring minds may find my second look at Kornilov's network of some interest. Stay tuned...

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