Mechanisms of Active Measures: Incirlik Non-Event Edition
2016 August 08
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Our recent piece for the Daily Beast, How Russia Dominates Your Twitter Feed to Promote Lies (And, Trump, Too), describes an all-too familiar scene of Kremlin activists, trolls, and bots seeking to stir up trouble for perceived adversaries. The Kremlin troll factory in Zurich was clearly involved, as were RT and Sputnik in Moscow, and likely also the troll factory in Saint Petersburg. The following may help provide additional understanding of this phenomena. Note in particular that Kremlin trolls who operate in languages other-than-Russian are largely located in countries other-than-Russia. Who are these people? In some cases they are readily identifiable, real people. Useful idiots and fellow travelers being two terms from Cold War 1 that are often used and reasonably accurate. Others are likely paid employees of private companies with connections to Russia, and some are likely to be junior intelligence officers at any one of a number of Russia diplomatic missions. If you are new to the issue of Kremlin trolls operating somewhere other than Saint Petersburg, Russia, see the following:

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