The Kremlin's Hateful Agents and Their Influence
2016 June 06
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This tale starts with a tweet by @J_Bloodworth:

Interesting account

— James Bloodworth (@J_Bloodworth) June 5, 2016

Influence moves along lines of social relations. To understand an individual's milieux is to understand who they influence and are influenced by, and influence in social networks happens within first and second degree relationships. Everyone seen in this graph is within two degrees of the subject, @FinalCallFilm. The network is packed full of Kremlin trolls, agents of influence, and useful idiots, not to mention the Russian embassies and diplomatic personnel. All relationships are reciprocal - this being a Twitter-based network that means these relationships are all people who follow and are followed back. You can click the image to view/download a hi-res (and searchable) PDF.

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