@EUvsDisinfo Review Number 10, Top 12 Sources
2016 January 16
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I've selected twelve items reported in the 10th Disinformation Review, organized by source sites of interest. The sites most worthy of closer inspection include the following (some of which I have already examined, while others are on the to do list).

Of the sites listed, southfront.org has the most honest name, as I reckon it is a straight-up Russian intelligence operation.

southfront[.]org; producing Kremlin disinfo in English, while soliciting money in Russian. What's not to like? pic.twitter.com/gmPu12iyVt

— aweisburd (@webradius) January 16, 2016

The Disinfo

Date Lang/Target Summary Link Disproof Reported by
21.12.2015 CZE, ENG While Russia alongside with Syrian Arab Army celebrates great successes in fight against terrorists in Syria, USA are building their first airbase there, specifically in northern Kurdish region. It means that USA and NATO are going to increase their military presence in the region and are not interested in any political solution. http://bit.ly/1ONXnr6 (AC24.cz) // http://bit.ly/1VIA8o1 (southfront.org) Many proofs confirm that Russia bombs not only islamists in Syria, see e.g. statement of NATO Secretary General: http://bit.ly/1IjARtA, or Human Rights Watch in Syria: http://bit.ly/1OYOP76 // There are no official reports about any alleged US airbase in Syria. European Values Think-Tank
24.12.2015 CZE, ENG Germany pulls its Patriot aerial defence systems back from Turkey. This is the same step that the USA have made as well. It is a reaction of the West to Turkish ties with Islamic state and to Turkey's intentions to provoke wider conflict in the region. http://bit.ly/1VIA8o1 (AC24.cz) // http://bit.ly/1IQNBbm (southfront.org) The decisions to pull the German and US' Patriots was made already in August (http://reut.rs/1Rs6tyP), thus, it is not some kind of retaliation for anything claimed. European Values Think-Tank
04.-06.01.2016 ENG, CZE NATO escalates the situation in Europe through military exercises and by attempts to move nuclear weapons near the Russian borders. http://bit.ly/1RuV96Z (southfront.org) // http://bit.ly/1OW3Eag (nwoo.org) // http://bit.ly/1IXDuBI (ac24.cz) As for escalation through military exercises, see Atlantic Council graphic: http://bit.ly/1PmlXjq // NATO hasn't taken the decision on moving nuclear weapons, but Russia does threaten to move nuclear weapons to NATO borders: http://bit.ly/1OIIoD0 uropean Values Think-Tank
06.01.2016 ENG, HUN, and others A picture proves that there are ISIS fighters in the Azov batallion. http://bit.ly/1O8MUct (southfront.org) // http://on.fb.me/1RxTmfl (Kiállunk Oroszország mellett on FB) The picture does not prove that claim. But a Google search of the picture proves it is being used by the pro-Kremlin outlets for past several months: http://bit.ly/1K8xKjA Political Capital Institute
31.12.2015-04.01.2016 ENG, GER, CZE Three battalions of soldiers from Turkey and other countries have recently arrived to Mariupol and are considered a threat. Ukrainians are continuing to shell inhabited areas. http://bit.ly/1OkUyhQ (Sputnik) // http://bit.ly/1mO4kCs (contra-magazin.com) // http://bit.ly/1OW2fRa (nwoo.org) No independent reports support these claims. European Values Think-Tank
06.-07.01.2016 ENG, GER, CZE USA supported and still supports pro- fascist movement in Ukraine. They started with their projects in early 1950s. They have used similar programs in the Baltics as well and nowadays the hammer and sickle is prohibited and SS-veterans are allowed to organize their parades. http://bit.ly/1ZlbkrM (novorossia.today) // http://bit.ly/1mO4RUY (contra-magazin.com) // http://bit.ly/1RuToXd (nwoo.org) Public support for the ideas of ultranationalism is very low in Ukraine (see the outcomes of 2014-2015 elections), as it is in the Baltic states. No evidence of any recent US support to any of such ultranationalist movements. European Values Think-Tank
01.-07.01.2016 ENG, CZE Islam is a product and an instrument of hidden US politics. It became an asset for an American project of broad dominance over the world. Al- Qaeda or the Islamic State are led by US special forces - John McMurtry, Emeritus Professor of philosophy at the Canadian University of Guelph. // Collective demonization of Muslims applied over the world represents an ideological instrument of the US. The US leads a holy crusade against Muslims. Muslims are confused with terrorists. Islamophobia serves a campaign against Muslims in Europe and North America. http://bit.ly/1ZVi78d and http://bit.ly/1nbEpob (globalresearch.ca) // http://bit.ly/1ZVi8Je (zemavek.sk) // http://bit.ly/1OkRPVz (ac24.cz) No evidence given of US trying to demonize Muslims and support islamophobia. President Obama rejects the term Islamic radicalism: http://huff.to/1kYf8MG European Values Think-Tank
02.-03.01.2016 ENG, CZE The West is to blame for what's happening in Syria. However, the Syrian people have risen and are still fighting for their culture, independence and future, in spite of the fascist West and their Arab allies, treacherous NGOs, media etc. Russians came to rescue Syrian people and since then over one million of Syrians have returned home. http://bit.ly/1SbQXJ4 (globalresearch.ca) // http://bit.ly/1ZlcQdc (nwoo.org) // http://bit.ly/1IXDiCC (ac24.cz) No evidence for any of these claims. The claims about a million refugees returning home can be found only on pro-Kremlin sites. European Values Think-Tank
21.12.2015 ENG, CZE The EU makes use of migrant crisis to create occupation army which would have the authority to take control over the national borders without the consent of the member state. It is another step to undermine national sovereignty of member states. http://bit.ly/1ZNMAVU (svobodnenoviny.eu) // http://bit.ly/1Pf7fuk (zvedavec.org) // http://bit.ly/1Ri1nae (prisonplanet.com) European Commission proposed creation of European Border and Coast Guard which would have the authority to help member states in protecting Schengen borders even without the consent of particular member states. It does not mean that it could take control over the border. The unit could have around 1500 border guards. Before its creation the proposal must be agreed upon by European parliament and by national governments. European Values Think-Tank
29.12.2015-02.01.2016 ENG, CZE A new bail-in system came into effect for all European banks on 1st of January. To save banks during a crisis, money will be taken from everyone with more than 100 000 euro on their bank accounts. http://bit.ly/1OkTomv (activistpost.com) // http://bit.ly/1kYgyqh (nwoo.org) // http://bit.ly/1N1js41 (ac24.cz) The bail-in system is a way how to avoid taxpayers losing money when their bank is in the crisis. The directive makes the shareholders and bond holders (not the account holders) take a hit first when the bank is struggling: http://bit.ly/1RuROor European Values Think-Tank
05.01.2016 ENG, CZE In 2011 NATO, under the US leadership, disrupted Libya and therefore helped ISIS to get the influence there. Now, new bombing campaign is very probable. In reality it will only help ISIS, similarly as the USA are helping them in Syria. http://bit.ly/1SbRydI (strategic-culture.org) // http://bit.ly/1N1nd9P (ac24.cz) // http://bit.ly/1PmmeTg (nwoo.org) International coalition acted with UN Security Council mandate (http://bit.ly/1kYkWWp) to protect civilians. Political instability after Gaddafi's fall, caused by lack of cooperation between rebel groups, led to fragmentation of the country and rise of extremist groups in some areas. There is no evidence of US support to Islamic state. USA lead the coalition fighting Islamic state in Syria. European Values Think-Tank
08.01.2016 RUS, FIN Finnish social workers have taken a child into custody because his mother is a Russian; Finnish Ministry of Health and its officials are recommended to pursue Russian parents, it is a business based on Russophobia - says human rights activist Johan Bäckman. http://bit.ly/1VQnP9e (vesti.ru) Johan Bäckman is no human rights activist, he is a known pro-Kremlin mouthpiece in Finland. In Finland, all people are treated equally before the law, regardless of their nationality: http://bit.ly/1RdLsJD Official from EU member state

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