откуда берутся иностранные «эксперты» и «политологи» на российском ТВ
2015 December 27
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Лапшеснималочная: Откуда берутся иностранные «эксперты» и «политологи» на российском ТВ: https://t.co/twxXo0YlqU pic.twitter.com/A3NponG5pF

— MAXIM (@ru_maximonline) December 24, 2015

The above is a Russian-language review of the Western useful idiots who are featured on Russian TV, by @Alexey__Kovalev. It is based in part on the work of Anton Shekhovtsov (which is in English, bonus!). To the extent the Kremlin's minions spread disinfo (as opposed to trolling), the stable of idiots are a primary source of the content. The wannabe agents of influence are often active in social networks of Kremlin trolls.

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